Free Fire India : Free Fire India APK Download 2023 Latest Version (v1.0) Available to Download

Friends finally a wave of happiness has come and now we want to tell you that we have a solid update regarding the Old Free Fire, which we are going to state through this article. Along with this, we will give you a lot of information which is associated with it. 

Friends, you are welcome in this article today, where we will give you some good news related to old free fire and you will also get a lot of information related to it. So keep sure to be active in this article, from the beginning to the end so that you should not miss any import information and you can understand this article in a very good way. So let’s start it without any delay.

Free Fire India : Free Fire India APK Download 2023 Latest Version (v 1.0) Available to Download
Free Fire India : Free Fire India APK Download 2023 Latest Version (v 1.0) Available to Download 

Friends, can you tell the truth that how many of you are here who love old free fire? For this, you can write in our comment section and also tell that since when have you been playing free fire and which season bundles do you have? Friends, were you depressed when the free fire was banned? What were you wanting after that? You would be just wishing that the game free fire should come back as soon as possible, but who knew that the free fire would not come back for one and a half years? 

Well, what is most important now is what you want at present? It would must be that free fire should come to our country as soon as possible and you can also download it and play, isn’t it? So now you need to be happy, because your dream is going to come true and a very good update is soon arriving, but when and how you all will know about it? Well, after reading this article, you could tally to the whole details so just go ahead and read each paragraph deeply.

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Is Free Fire Banned In India?

Friends, as you would be knowing that in 2022, the game Free Fire was banned by the Government of India in the month of February, after which the game was removed from the play store and after 1 day the app was also removed from the app store. After some time, the game was prohibited by sim operators and at that time you could not play the game even by using Jio or Airtel SIM because the game was not getting accessed upon their servers. 

All of us thought that the last time of free fire is now near. And exactly the same happened because after a few days a notice comes which was also published on every official media network that along with Free Fire, other applications have been banned in India. Till now none of us knew the reason behind it, but after some time we were also informed that all the applications have been banned in which free fire is also connected, all these applications were banned stating the concerns for privacy for Indian Users.

Now players had created panic all over the country and about millions of people were suffering from it because they used to play free fire everyday by making it their primary game. After that, we understood that a mountain of problems has been fallen upon us because now you could not download the free fire, and not even play using Jio & Airtel operators.

One of the best things among all this was that at that time the game Free Fire Max was available which was from the same department to that of free fire and this game was considered as a light version which was recognized by the size of application – Free Fire Max. By resuming your data, you were given a chance to play. This was the only thing that the players had as a boon. 

Now after this, a wave of happiness arose when a trick came out which had gone viral on the entire YouTube as to how you can play free fire without any restrictions. So for your information, let us tell that this was possible with the use DNS in your mobile, after which every players started playing the banned Free Fire which worked successfully.

Well everything was going good but the disaster came when the update of free fire was brought, that is, the next patch version of the free fire was brought, after which almost every player was facing the same problem as to how to update the game? Now we all had no other way than to play free fire Max. if there was any solution, then it was that you could download the old free fire through a third party website i.e. you need to download Free Fire using any third party website and not official which was done via uncountable players.

After using this method  thousands of players had downloaded Free Fire through web sites and started using it and till now almost every player who knew about it had been doing the same but now it would not needed to be done because friends Free Fire is now coming back to our country and we are saying this on the official statement. So let us move further to inform you all the related information about it.

Is Free Fire Coming Back In India?

Friends, now we are going to give a very direct answer to your question. So, yes, free fire is coming back to our country India and this thing has been 100% confirmed. And we can state a proof for this in such a way that whenever you are opening the game, there would be a notice coming soon after your game opens, in which the name of Free Fir India would be mentioned. Along with this, if you go to the Play Store and search there, then apart from free fir Max, you will also get to see a new free fire version called Free Fire India.

So friends, according to the statement, free fire is coming back in our country and its name is going to be Free Fire India. Through this, we can find out that free fire is finally coming back and we can also download it from the official play store. But if you will now go to the Play Store and search for free fire there, then there will be a Free Fire India application, yes there it will be but you will not be able to download it because it has not been launched yet and according to the results you can not download it at present but there are countless websites in which it is stated that it has been launched, so be away from those sites and value for the official stuffs that we mentioned very clearly in our article. So friends, are you now aware that Free Fire India is not active yet and considering to it, you must be thinking that if not now, then when the game Free Fire India would be launched? So for this question too, we are going to elaborate a new paragraph which is below, so move and read it.

When Will Free Fire Launch In India?

Friends, we want to tell you that the game Free Fire is going to be unbanned immediately and if we talk about an exact date, then the free fire will be confronted in our country India on 5 September 2023 i.e. from 5 September 2023, you will be able to download the free fire and you can download it in the Play Store. Yes friends, 5 September 2023 is the unique date that will be the prime day for launching of Free Fire with the name Free Fire India and after that you can also access it.

So my friend here is the official release date of free fire which is absolutely accurate and 100% verified and if you go to Play store today, you will even get to see the application but you can be able to download from September 5. Now we are going to provide all the procedure to download Free Fire Max and for its pre -registration in this article, then your work is not over yet and now you shall continue reading our article further.

Free Fire India Launch Date And Time

Friends, in this article we have given you the most important information related to Free Fire India and also told on which date this game is coming to our country. For your information, let us tell you that we have also shared the information about the game that we have obtained by going through the official platforms of Free Fire, such as through the official website of Free Fire and the official Instagram page of Free Fire. In this article, we have told that Free Fire India will be available in Play Store in our country on 5th September 2023 and from then on wards players will be able to download it.

Till yesterday this thing was confirmed and the official department of Free Fire itself was claiming it and they have selected this date for the launch of Free Fire India but suddenly yesterday evening from the official Instagram account of Free Fire India,an announcement was posted and in that announcement it was written that the game Free Fire India which was going to be launched on 5 September 2023, has now been postponed for some reason i.e. the date has been extended due to which Free Fire India is not launching in Play Store on 5th September 2023.

Yes friends, this is absolutely true and we are giving you this information from the official Instagram page of Free Fire India, the screenshot of which we have also shared with you and if you want to know more, then you can go to Instagram account of Free Fire India yourself and check out. So we have come to know that Free Fire India will be launched in India after some weeks and based on our analysis we have chosen some date which is as follows.

Free Fire India Launch Date And Time

When Will Free Fire India Launch In Our Country?

Friends, our analysis says that Free Fire India can be launched in India Play Store on 18th September 2023 and by chance if this game is not launched on that day then it will be launched immediately after the the OB42 update i.e. whenever the next patch update of Free Fire / Free Fire Max will come, at the same time Free Fire India will also be launched, the possible date of which is 1 October 2023 to 15 October 2023.

Even though the launch of Free Fire India is being postponed but the reason behind it is being told that the official department has postponed it for its upgradation and maintenance and if seen then it is good in a way and we will get to see a great experience whenever this game will be launched so friends let’s wait and if any fix date comes out then we will hand over a dedicated article to you for that too.

How To Download Free Fire India?

Friends, almost many players among you would be exactly excited that by using what way you can download the free fire India? So, let us also eliminate this excitement of yours. So as we have told in the above statement that Free Fire India will be launched on 5 September 2023, after which you can download it. 

This means that if you try to download it today, it will not download from you. And this is because free Fire India has not been publicly launched yet and it is not available to download yet but yes its pre registration has started which you can proceed for.

To download the Free Fire India, click on the Download Now button and wait for 60 seconds. Your Free Fire India will start downloading.

Download File

Well, however you can not download Free Fire Max right now, but still we will make you aware of the instructions through which you will be able to download it in your device which is a regular processes, so let’s give you installations guide through the points. After the launch of free Fire India, you will be able to download it in this way.

  • As you know that Free Fire India will be seen first in the Play Store, then you have to come to the Play Store for this.
  • Now you have to search there for Free Fire India.
  • Now you will get the application Free Fire India, on which you have to click.
  • If you are doing this process after September 5, then you will see the option to install there and you have to click on it.
  • As soon as you click on the install button, you will get a popup where you will be given two options, the first option will be to download the application over WiFi and the second option will be to download the application using cellular data, you have to click on the cellular data option or if If you want to do it through Wi Fi, then set it to the WiFi option and download it.
  • Now after a while you will see that the application Free Fire India has been downloaded and you can open it and play it.

How To Do Pre Registration For Free Fire India?

However, this application has not yet been launched and we have been given an option before it’s launch which is the pre - register. Yes friends, you can pre register for this application, which has two benefits, the first advantage is that you will get some rewards in return which will be achieved after your login and secondly, it will be downloaded in your device automatically soon after the launch. Now let's go ahead and also tell you the method of pre -registration, so now you have to read it carefully and follow it.

  • To register for free fire India, first you have to open the Play Store.
  • Now you have to search Free Fire India.
  • Now your screen will get a Free Fire India application on which you have to click.
  • As soon as you click on it, there you will see a green color button with the text Pre -Register, on which you have to click.
  • Now you have successfully pre registered for the Application .
  • Just below, it must have been written on your screen that install free fire India as soon as available and button on its right side would be enabled, so if you want that the game gets automatically downloaded with the launch then leave this option enabled, or turn it off If you want you to download it manually after launching.
  • We hope that you have been able to make your pre - registration successful and whenever this game is launched, you will get to see rewards in your id as well as Free Fire India will be automatically downloaded in your device.

So friends, these were the instructions that by using what method you can also pre register for Free Fire India, then move forward and register for the game as soon as possible so that whenever it is available, you can get some rewards and download as soon as possible and you can play it. So here is the information related to free fire India and now we want to give you some more information which you will get to see after the launch of Free Fire India,  such as it’s features So let us move forward and give you some more details.

What Are The Features Of Free Fire India?

1- Introduction of an Indian Origin Character

So the first and most special feature of the Free Fire India is that whenever this game is launched, after that you will get to see a new character and this character will be designed upon a popular personality from India& it is done via the Free Fire India Department and it is being guessed that the character which is going to come in free fire India is none other than the most popular cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

2- Introduction of an Indian Map

Now if we talk about its other feature, then friends, we want to tell you that a new map will be introduced which will be an Indian based map and after its launch, you will see its environment and its asset inspired through the real India i.e. In this map you will get to see the environment like India and you will not want to miss it under any circumstances, but it is not a guarantee when this map will be launched, and the proof is that if you go to the play store and you will see the image overview of Free Fire India, then you will see an atmosphere like Indian surrounding in one of the images.

3- Indian Specific Events

Since the game Free Fire India is being made keeping in mind the Indian player, most of the events that will come in it will be brought more according to the requirement of Indian players, which means that they will be considered in the upcoming events in the game. Most of the events will be seen according to our requirement and all the items that will remain in those events would be similar to what we want to have, after which an Indian player can get satisfaction.

4- Improved & smooth graphics

Friends it may be relatable for you, it’s like that most players in India belongs to a middle class family who do not have a high capacity mobile phone, that is, a player like us has a lack of graphics due to having a low end devices. It seems that the free fire with its launch may be improvised with better and smooth graphics i.e. this time the department probably must have worked on graphics and assets, after which an average free fire player can play free fire without lag in a very good way, which is a great thing, so friends get ready for an insane gameplay.

5- Low sized game

Friends, we have been a problem since the beginning that we do not want to load any more heavy game in our phone, and the result was found after downloading free fire and free fire max after which the departments for Free Fire & Free Fire Max had reduced the size of both the games and it seems that the game that is Free Fire India is also going to be very low in size and our phone is going to be compatible with it. This means that we will get to see Free Fore India in a compact size, which we will be able to download very easily.

So all these things will be the features of Free Fire India, where you will have seen a lot of differences about free fire, free fire max and free fire India, Free Fire India has been designed special for our country, so it has been designed upon our requirement. It will run smoothly which is a very good thing.

So friends, are you still satisfied or you still do not understand something related to the game Free Fire India? We feel that if something we are lacking is that we do not know that what are the requirements of Free Fire India application that is, what should be the capability of your device, if you want to download and play Free Fire India? So friends, you do not need to panic for this too because we have also revealed the solution, which is below, then go and read it carefully.

System Requirements For Free Fire India

  • The most basic system requirement that is believed to be the RAM of the mobile phone, so in order for a minimal compatible experience, your device requires a RAM of at least 2 GB in your Android set.
  • The next system requirement which is considered a basic requirement is believed to be storage, then let us tell you that if you are installing free fire India in your device, then before that take care that at least 700 MB in your device would be free. This space should be left, although the size of the game will not be 700 MB, but after downloading it will expand, due to which it needs free storage, then your phone must have at least 700 MB of free storage.
  • Now despite these two, if a needs to be compatible then it should be verified via the Android version, so the Android version of your device should be at least 4.2 or more so that the game Free Fire India can run well in your device.
  • Apart from all this, the processor of your device should be a decent or good processor. You can verify this through the antutu score by searching on google, so if your device is able to achieve a score of more than 1,00,000 then that device is slightly capable of running free fire in lowest graphics setting and you can download the game Free Fire India in that device, make sure that the score of your processor for a smooth gameplay must be at least 2,50,000 so that you could play the game in standard graphic setting.

Free Fire India FAQ's

Q. 1- Free Fire Banned In India
Ans - Free Fire is no longer banned in India as it has been arrived and the commercial installation will begin very soon

Q. 2- Is Free Fire Returned In play Store?
Ans - Yes, the game Free Fire has been returned to play store with the name Free Fire India.

Q. 3- How To Download Free Fire India?
Ans - After it’s launch on 5th September, you can download it via play store likewise you used to do before 2022 or just like same to the other games.

Q. 4- Should I Pre Register Fir Free Fire India?
Ans - Yes, you shall pre register for Free Fire India as some merits will be provided to you as if you do so and for pre registration, we have given the entire steps above, so ho and read it completely.

Q. 5- Can I Download Free Fire In 2023
Ans - Yes, you can download Free Fire India once it is launched & the game is going to be launched on 5th September 2023.


So friends, here is the complete information about Free Fire India. We have shared every required information and also the steps to ore register for it and download it. So, just move on and just from 5th September, you can likely download Free Fire India and play it. 

We wish that this article may be helpful to you. So just stay tuned and be joined to our site so that you could have all the important information and tips regarding the games Free Fire, Free Fire Max & Free Fire India.


Thank You

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