What is Health Insurance?

As you know that today if our daily routine is disturbed then we can suffer from many types of serious diseases and in such a situation, after getting the disease, we have to spend more money in its treatment and especially if you are from middle class. If you belong to a family, then it is not possible for you to get treatment, that is why people are preferring to take health insurance. 

So that if they suffer from any disease, they can get it treated with the insurance money and no financial burden has to be sent to them. If you are also searching on the internet what is health insurance and how to get health insurance, what are its benefits. If you do not know about all this, then in today's article we will share with you complete information related to health insurance. Stay tuned to that article.

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What is the definition of health insurance?

Health insurance means to get health related benefits. For example, if you get injured due to an accident or you get affected by some serious disease, then the money spent on your treatment will be covered by health insurance. And if you fall victim to any disease during the policy, then you can bear the entire cost of it through health insurance, this is the reason why today more and more people are getting health insurance.

How many types of health insurance are there?

There are following types of health insurance, details of which we are giving below-
  1. Individual Health Insurance
  2. Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  3. Group Health Insurance
  4. Health insurance with maternity cover
  5. Top-up health insurance
  6. Family Floater Health Insurance

What are the benefits of health insurance plans?

1- Hospitalization expenses

If you have health insurance, then you can get immediately admitted to the hospital because you have taken health insurance. You know that hospitalization costs more money. In such a situation, if you have been sentenced, then its immediate payment will be made by the insurance company. And you can easily get admitted to the hospital. Below we are telling you under which conditions the health insurance company will give you money for treatment.

2- Treatment of serious illness

If you are a patient of any serious disease and you are getting your treatment done in the hospital, then in such a situation the insurance company will provide you the insurance money so that you can get the treatment of the disease, under this the insurance company will cover the expenses for hospitalization, diagnosis and medicine etc. All medical expenses are covered.

Coverage against hospitalization due to accident and illness

If you have suffered a serious injury due to an accident, then you will be given money by the insurance company for medical treatment. In this condition, you are given immediate money so that you can get your treatment done as soon as possible.

The expenses incurred before and after admission are covered by the insurance company

After hospitalization, the entire expense is borne by the insurance company. Apart from this, when you are discharged from the hospital, its amount is also given by the insurance company. However, to get the money from the insurance company, you have to submit the hospital bill. You will have to submit it, after which the insurance company officials will verify it, only then you will be able to get the money.

ICU room charges are paid by the insurance company

If you have got yourself admitted in the ICU room under the health insurance policy, then the insurance company will pay the entire expense for the same.

Mental illness treatment cover

If a person is suffering from mental illness and goes to any mental health center for his treatment, then insurance companies will provide money for the same.

Bariatric surgery cost

If you are undergoing surgery to treat any disease, then the full amount will be provided to you by the insurance company, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Including it in insurance promotes good health in the long run.

How to buy health insurance policy

Let us tell you that if you want a health insurance policy, then you can buy a health insurance policy by visiting the official website or nearest branch of any insurance company, there you have to select the health insurance policy as per your need. After that, you have to complete the application process there and then you have to submit the necessary documents. 

After this, your application will be accepted there and you will have to pay the health insurance premium every month. The time period for making the premium and its option depends on you. What kind of premium do you hear about the way you can buy a health insurance policy?


With the help of this article, you can understand what is health insurance? Must have known about. If you liked this article then share it with your friends as much as possible. If you want any information related to this post then please tell in the comment box.


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