Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed a Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

In today's time, every youth likes to play online games. If I talk about online games, then the name of two big games Free Fire Max, Pubg comes in India. Both these games have given a lot of entertainment to the children and youth of India. Both the games are an Online Battleground game. Which is played on mobile and computer. In which their players play the game by conversing with each other.

There are more than 100 million active users of Pubg game all over the world. So the active user of the same Free Fire Max game is more than 200 million. Both these games have become popular games in the eyes of the people in their own right, Graphics Design and Animation looks almost the same in both these games. Free Fire Max game was created on 2017 by Garena PVT LTD company.

Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed a Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire
Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed a Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

The name of the owner of Free Fire Max game is Forrest Li. Who is the founder of Garena Company. He started his first business from Singapore and this company has made many top popular games even before Free Fire Max game. But he created the Free Fire game which proved to be the most popular game.

The same company that made the PUBG game is Tancent Company. The name of the creator of this Pubg Mobile Game is Branden Greene. They are residents of Ireland. Pubg game was first made for computer. After this, in the year 2018, it was brought to the Google Play Store for Android, IOS devices.

But these days the developer of PUBG has filed a case against Garena, Google and Apple. So let's know about it in detail.

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PUBG Developer Krafton Filed Lawsuit Against Free Fire Developer Garena, Apple, Google

PUBG's game developer Krafton has registered 'Free Fire' and 'Free Fire Max' over Garena, a Singapore company. Along with this, a case has also been filed against Google and Apple, the developer of PUBG game. The developer of the PUBG game says that Free Fire has copied the Free Fire Max game PUBG: Battlegrounds.

A case has been filed against Singapore's company which. Crafton has alleged that Garena has copied PUBG: Battlegrounds in the battle royale game 'Free Fire' and 'Free Fire Max'. Krafton has also filed a case against Google and Apple. Because Pubg developer has expressed displeasure for promoting Free Fire game app on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Krafton has also accused big platforms like Google and YouTube of showing the logo of Free Fire and Free Fire Max game play videos. The same Krafton has also taken some other action against the Free Fire Max Battle Royale game.

PUBG developer Krafton's lawsuit against Garena, Apple, Google

According to Krafton, the developers of Free Fire and Free Fire Max games have created exactly the same pubg gaming experience between players on the Fire and Free Fire Max platforms. For this, the developer of PUBG alleged that Garena has copied the most popular PUBG Battle Royale title.

In the lawsuit filed by pubg developer Crafton, it has been further stated that Garena has earned millions of US dollars by copying pubg games from both Free Fire and Free Fire Max games. The same pubg developer Crafton further said that Google and Apple have earned significant revenue by delivering Free Fire and Free Fire Max games on their platforms.

It is being seen by pubg developer Crafton that both games Free Fire and Free Fire Max are still present on Apple Store and Google Play Store. For this also Crafton has accused him. : pubg developer krafton has filed a lawsuit against garena free fire

Pubg developer Krafton has alleged action against Free Fire and Free Fire Max on 21 December. Krafton sent suggestions to the developers of Garena not to copy the Free Fire and Free Fire Max games. But the developer of Garena Free Fire denied this, this time the Free Fire developers continued to pursue the game by ignoring Krafton's talk.

In further reports, pubg developer Krafton said that Apple and Google are about to remove this game from their platforms immediately, but unfortunately both the games are still listed on both Free Fire and Free Fire Max platforms.

Pubg developer Krafton accused Garena of copying all the guns, game opening 'air drop' other features, game structure and game play, weapons, armor etc. found within the Pubg game.


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